Meet Your Neighbours

We’re welcoming Lanark homeowners Andreu and Marjorie to the neighbourhood! We asked them some questions about choosing their home in the community of Lanark.

What were your priorities when choosing a community?

We were looking for a place with space to breathe, a place with lots of “green” and with lots of natural light.

What influenced your decision to purchase your home?

We loved the space, natural light and the quality finishes in and out the home. We loved that there was a backyard and that the garage was separate.

How did you come to learn about Lanark Landing?

Marjorie loves walking and we got to know all of Airdrie. We came around one day to walk around the ponds near where our home was even though at the time it wasn’t built yet. When we started looking for a new place, I knew where to search.

Why did you choose Lanark Landing?

It’s a very nice community, with lots of parks and near really nice ponds to walk around. We like the fact that schools are nearby as well.

What’s your favourite part about the Lanark community?

The parks and ponds. We love walking and it’s a very “walkable” community.

What are you most excited about in your new home?

It’s our first home we own. We love the fact that we have a garage, backyard and a very nice porch. We love it as well as it’s very roomy and lots of natural light floods the house all day.