Live Big in Lanark Landing


We are committed to building communities where residents want to live, work, shop and play. While its prime location in Airdrie’s southeast makes Lanark Landing a highly sought community, its numerous parks and amenities really make it stand out.

When we build community amenities that go above and beyond city standards, we establish a Homeowners Association (HOA) to ensure that these amenities are maintained for the long-term enjoyment of all residents. The HOA maintains these extra special community amenities, so you can rest assured that the features you love in your shiny new community will remain in great condition.

Lanark Landing HOA is a non-profit society. You are automatically a member of the HOA when you purchase a home in the community. An encumbrance, registered on title in favor of the HOA, allows funds to be collected to cover the costs of maintaining amenities and operating the HOA. A board of resident directors (initially Melcor) administers the HOA in accordance with the Articles of Association.

Features Maintained by the HOA:
  • Enhanced entrance features
  • Green streets
  • Well-connected greenspace & pedestrian trail network
  • Naturalized stormponds with fountains
  • Enhanced decorative fencing & main boulevard treatment
  • Four season community gathering space

HOA Fees

Fees are estimated at $130/year + GST and are collected annually.


The HOA provides an opportunity for residents’ input into future amenities and events in their community and serves as a vehicle to preserve and enhance the overall value of the community.