Freshen Up Your Home for Spring

Spring is here, which means it's time to start your spring cleaning. Here are some tips for freshening and organizing your home, with examples from your favourite Lanark Landing showhomes!

The Living Room

Start to add some pops of colour to lighten up your family room. Swapping the winter throw blankets and pillows for lighter, colourful tones will change the room drastically. Brighten the space with natural light by keeping the blinds open and deep cleaning your windows inside and out to let that natural Airdrie sunshine spread throughout the whole home. To upkeep your organization, implement “tidy spaces” by adding accent wicker or felt baskets to cut down on clutter. See how The Jefferson showhome by Homes By Avi uses the large bay windows to create a bright and open space, alongside blue and beige tones with wicker textures. These small, simple changes make the room feel energized and organized.


The Kitchen

Keeping the kitchen fresh, clean, and colourful is a perfect way to bring the spring weather inside. For a pop of colour, consider adding a bowl of freshly washed fruit to your counter and a small herb garden to your kitchen to freshen up the air and your cooking. Organize your cupboards and take your large appliances off the countertops. By keeping the counter space clean and open and all stainless-steel appliances wiped and tidy, the whole area will feel larger and more organized. The Glasgow kitchen by Douglas Homes shows how much fresh fruit can add to your space, accenting the room with a bowl of oranges. By keeping the rest of the counter space clean, it allows the sun to reflect the quartz surfaces and create the ideal spring kitchen.


The Bedroom

The key to sprucing up your bedroom is changing out colours and textures. Take out the heavier sheets and opt for lighter fabrics. While changing the bed set, give the room a good dusting and swap darker window coverings for a translucent style of drapes. Adding fresh flowers or low-maintenance plants will make it a peaceful and organized place for you to begin and end your day. The Ramsay showhome by Sterling Homes styles the bedroom with a bright palette and accents with fresh flowers in colourful vases to make the room feel clean and uplifting.


The Bathroom

Keep things fresh in your bathroom with a simple swap of towels. Change over the darker tones for something brighter, like a light-coloured bathmat. Adding elements of nature will also help keep the bathroom feeling fresh. Low-maintenance succulents, candles, hand soap and Epsom salts will bring the room to life. Update the bathroom towels and soaps to maintain a clean setup. The Londonderry by McKee Homes exemplifies the power of minimalism with clean white towels accented with a small plant, décor, and other small items to create a spotless area.


The Mudroom

The mudroom plays a critical role in the spring and summer months. Ensure there are enough hooks, shelves, and baskets to keep things organized and a rug to keep the dirt from tracking into the home. Remove winter clothes and accessories that aren’t needed for the coming months and store them in ‘out-of-the-way’ bins or shelves. The Braemar showhome by Castellano Custom Homes uses a combination of hooks, shelves and overhead and underneath storage to keep clutter away and stay organized. The home keeps a sense of theme and decor in the mudroom with unique storage containers including wooden crates with white text, and black wicker containers.


Spring is here! Start these incredible warm months the right way with a good freshening up and cleaning of your home. Get ready to embrace all the amazing things to do this spring here in Lanark Landing!